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पुरुषार्थ (puruṣārtha)- the Hindu belief that there are four goals or objectives for human existence.

  • Kāma: sensory pleasure
  • Artha: material prosperity
  • Dharma: moral righteousness
  • Mokṣa: spiritual liberation

My aim will be to cover materials painted in the colours of the four goals of puruṣārtha.

Enjoy your visit.

नमस्ते (Namaste)

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Shain Singh


I know stuff about things, or things about stuff… At least I try to.

Technology Interests

  • {Application|Network} Security
  • Automation // leveraging quality/operations research into computing //
  • IoT // its uses and effects on the application and network infrastructure //
  • Software Defined {Networks|Everything}
  • 5G Networks
  • Distributed Computing // clouds, containers and everything in between //

Career History

  • Security Architect
  • Network Solutions Consultant
  • Systems Administation // before SRE and DevOps Engineer came into vogue //
  • Application Delivery SME
  • Telco/MPLS Design Lead

// more corporate-friendly career highlights at: https://linkedin.com/in/shsingh //